WATCH: This phone case can make coffee

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Human innovation never ceases to amaze. Whether it’s renewable energy, thinner smartphones, or a new spacecraft, humans are constantly improving our technological capacity.

Not wanting to be overshadowed, some Italians have seen fit to design a gadget that we didn’t even know we needed – a phone case that makes coffee.

Yes, it’s real. The Mokase is a streamlined espresso machine that doubles as a smartphone cover – or a smartphone cover that doubles as an espresso machine. Whatever, you get the point.

Using patented technology, the device heats and pours 25ml of hot, strong coffee into its accompanying foldable cup. It’s all controlled by a connected app, and coffee comes in the form of thin, disposable cartridges.

The cartridges, or ‘wafers’ as the Italians call them, come in three flavours, and the cover will be available for most major phone models.

Is this the kind of innovation that will change the world? Not likely. It is very cool, though, and it’ll double the potency of your phone alarm in the morning.