About Us

Our Vision

We endeavor to position our listener and all who come into contact with our brand into a state of Living in the Now…

Our Mission

To create a new wave of consciousness that brings the power to every listener or follower of the brand. The Power to change and manifest new beginnings ultimately leading to awakened consciousness.


Our Aim

We compete against no one as we are the bench mark. No one else exists to empower new generation of free spirited Individuals who care about the upliftment of themselves and others.


The Reality

Imagine a radio station that runs on no time lines No unnecessary ego speech No boring content and duplication. Imagine a station where all we do is focus on the real moments that exist As opposed to what happened years ago and what is going to happen as a result of. Imagine a radio station that you can literally tap into for assistance and be guaranteed In some way a means of moving forward.

The Sound

Our sound will be unique and will have an explosion of music genres from North South East and West From ancient to modern fused with Thought provoking content. We will be steadfast in the gratitude of stakeholders and promote the sanctity of gratitude daily on programs. Our social uplifting programs will Be universal where we not only give to the universe we serve but we develop and create as well as mentor to create a new society. We will operate on all forms from Digital to satellite and beyond.

Our brand values: 

Visionary Pursuits | Pioneers of the Now | Out of box thinking | Neurolinguistic programming

Alternative healing | Spiritual reconnecting | Mind power | Social development

Organizational development | Awakening content | Serving the Community

The Team

Who will drive such a station.

We seek pioneers of change and advocates of now.

We seek to have a team of individuals who Not only tie into the vision of who we stand for But live it and endeavor to grow daily.

Each will bring his or her own vision as to how they can be the instrument of power behind the mic And transform the lives of billions.

The Target

A billion listeners and more  is who we aim to serve.

Our teams will be tasked to grow the brand daily every moment every second.

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